OKAY Industries OK675-TAN-P: The OKAY Industries SureFeed E2 magazines offer many advantages over the traditional aluminum AR-15 mag. The E2 magazine features textured side panels for a positive, non-slip grip during magazine changes. This magazine also has an enhanced feed lip design to reduce friction and improve bullet alignment for reliable feeding every time. With over 40 years of battle tested use, these aluminum magazines are preferred by U.S. Military members in various areas. With a four-way, anti-tilt, self-lubricating follower, you can be sure this OKAY Industries' magazine will feed correctly without any issue, no matter the condition. The stainless-steel spring provides proper tension and keeps rounds adequately aligned for optimal function. These USGI magazines are all hard-coat anodized, and this model features a Flat Dark Earth PTFE finish. Every SureFeed magazine is put through a rigorous multi-step inspection and testing process to ensure they live up to the performance standards that people have come to know with OKAY Industries.

SUREFEED TAN .223/5.56

SKU: 38264
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