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The Streamlight Knucklehead Spot Flashlight, Orange, With Clip is an upright Rechargeable light that can be hand-carried or set down on any flat surface to provide a fixed light, With an adjustable articulating head that lets you point the beam wherever you need it. Designed With firefighters and search and rescue in mind, the Streamlight Knucklehead Spotlight provides a far-reaching beam made to cut through smoke and fog. This Streamlight flashlight is housed in a super-tough casing made from high impact nylon, o-ring sealed for weather resistance. The light head features a 210 degree vertical range and can rotate a full 360 degrees. A powerful removable magnet lets you secure the Streamlight Knucklehead Spot Light to any metal surface, and the light also includes a built-in clip. The C4 LED lamp and parabolic reflector give this work light an unbeatable range, With a useful beam extending up to 200 meters.


90607 Black

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